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The purpose of aging is not decline, it’s about becoming more of who we are…


Our Mission

Wellspring 360 is dedicated in improving lives and relationships through the delivery of personal, empowering health and wellness programs.


The healthcare system is highly fragmented and consumers are overwhelmed with all manner of conflicting information that is not personal to the individual.
Providers are incented to focus more on sickness and disease than wellness and prevention.

Over 70% of health problems are behavior-driven, yet there is lacking a system that fosters informed, empowered, and supported individuals, ready to take control of their own health and wellness.



What We Need
We need to increase our understanding of healthful versus unhealthy aging behaviors and indicators. We need to access resources that are equally focused on integrative wellness, and addressing medical problems. We need simple to use tools to help us take control of our aging process, including good and informed decision-making.


Learn More About How W360° Can Empower You

  Our Health Aging Solutions
Wellspring 360 offers an integrative medical program that shifts from the typical disease-oriented system to a proactive preventive program that empowers the individual in healthy aging.
Our focus on prevention begins with a diagnostic healthy aging baseline derived from functional lab testing, medical history, lifestyle assessment, custom self-tests, and other inputs.
We use the results from the Healthy Aging 360 Diagnostic™ to design a personal Therapeutic Life Change Program™ that typically includes: our medical and complementary and alternative treatment solutions, low glycemic diet, nutraceutical supplementation, dynamic physical training plan, Web Coach 360™ support, and hormone rebalancing (when indicated).

Our Commitment
Wellspring 360° exists to help accelerate the adoption of the new science of personalized medicine. Through a combination of specialty diagnostic and integrative treatment programs, we assist individuals and corporations to achieve significant gains in health status and provide coaching systems to help maintain wellness.


Our personal treatment regimens are designed to promote optimal wellness, while simultaneously addressing specific health issues, including, but not limited to: BMI/overweight/obesity; smoking; loss of mental acuity/mild cognitive impairment; stress; chronic pain; sleep disorder; loss of libido/sexual health; men’s and women’s challenges; digestive problems; allergies; and others.


Our diagnostic services are bundled in our W360° Personal Health Review™. Our treatment services are delivered on a subscription-basis over six and twelve month Therapeutic Life Change™ programs.