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The purpose of aging is not decline, it’s about becoming more of who we are…


Our Therapeutic Life Change™ is a structured, comprehensive program of medically-managed personal transformation.


Personalized wellness and care emphasizes improvement of health, disease prevention and the quality of life rather than the treatment of illness. This includes customized programs of nutrition and exercise and the promotion of key hormone levels, designed to lower body fat, increase muscle tissue and strength, improve overall cardiovascular fitness and reduce risk factors for illness. This is accomplished by making a series of small but important behavioral changes.


Advances over the past decade have led to the development of “targeted” diagnostics and therapeutics to create a more personalized approach to health care. Functional and genomic testing can identify an individual’s susceptibility to disease, predict how individuals will respond to a particular drug, and match patients with the right therapeutics. Personalized medicine is embodied in the following five pillars of Wellspring’s business model:

  Health and wellness is interdependent on numerous factors that are considered in the design of your W360 TLC™ program. For example, recent studies have reported that low testosterone is undiagnosed in a significant number of men. While testosterone levels decline naturally with age, testosterone deficiency has been demonstrated to contribute to obesity, diabetes, cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. Correcting testosterone and other hormonal deficiencies can greatly improve bone mineral density, sexual function and libido while at the same time reducing body fat and the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.


W360 TLC™ incorporates an extensive range of health and wellness services focused on achieving a specific set of personal health goals. It is similar to "concierge medicine" in that all services are covered on a subscription basis. The W360 TLC™ program typically involves web-based, personal transformation management solutions with brain health optimization; low glycemic diet; hormonal rebalancing (if indicated); nutraceutical; and physical training.


Proactive.  Our first objective in addressing consumers in our wellness programs is education, motivation and engagement, to create a proactive mind-set in connection with health risks and opportunities for health improvement.


Personalized.  We take into account an individual’s lifestyle, functional diagnostics, and genetic profile to design treatment interventions and monitoring plans that fit like a glove and be continuously responsive to the uniqueness of each individual.


Predictive.  Our programs focus on identifying disease risk markers and on anticipating health problems and drug reactions. With the new science, we can, in most cases, identify what conditions a person might contract in the future and how the person will respond to a given treatment, enabling the development of a tailored personal health strategy.


Preventive.  Our principal focus is on wellness, not disease. There is a dynamic movement to expand the definition of health and new pathways to better assure its achievement and maintenance over time.


Participatory.  We empower patient-consumers to take responsibility for healthcare decisions. Patient empowerment is part of a broader trend toward consumer-focused healthcare, enabled by easy access to health information that was once available only to medical professionals.