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The purpose of aging is not decline, it’s about becoming more of who we are…


"Through marvelous advances in affordable technology, a continuous emergence of new non-invasive treatment modalities, and the body of our successful work with our patients, we can help individuals achieve dramatic, yet natural looking improvement in appearance vitality.”


--- Thomas Shelton Powers, MD | Wellspring 360 Director of Aesthetic Medicine


The big push in aesthetic medicine in the last 10 years is progressively heading towards more and more less-invasive treatments.  Patients are simply looking for ways to look younger and look better with minimal downtime and discomfort.



We are committed to helping our patients with their revitalization and transformational goals.  Our aesthetic solutions, combined with nutritional, weight loss, and lifestyle change programs, can bring optimal results in realizing a New You.

We offer the following non-surgical aesthetic treatment options:

A non-surgical skin tightening procedure that lifts and firms the skin.


A gel injected under the skin to restore volume and smooth away wrinkles.


A non-surgical procedure that eliminates old, damaged skin cells.


A minimally invasive procedure that stimulates the body to produce new collagen.


Blocks the release of chemicals that trigger the muscle contractions that create wrinkles.

  IPL Photo Facials®

A gentle laser application to get rid of unsightly red and brown spots on the skin..

Laser Hair Removal

Permanently eliminates hair and leaves your skin healthy.


Helps skin glow to make you look and feel years younger.