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Sleep 360™ Therapy
Sleep is as essential to the body as water or food. The body will shut down if it is deprived of sleep over extended periods of time. Most of us have the idea that sleep is a cessation of all activity, an oblivion we slip into where nothing happens. During sleep the brain releases new combinations of hormones and chemical messengers that stimulate cellular activity throughout the body… the sleeping brain actually appears to be more active than it is while awake.

Adults generally need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. As we age, we enjoy less deep sleep. Why? For many people, hormone depletion is the culprit. Melatonin, growth hormone, cortisol, thyroid, estrogens, progesterone and testosterone can all play major roles in our sleep quantity and quality. Balanced hormones are essential. In addition to hormones, diet, regular exercise, and a bedtime routine encourage good sleep habits. Also, your brain needs to be in good health. Imbalanced neurotransmitters can have a huge impact on your sleep patterns.

  Our clinicians can evaluate your sleep habits, perform a physical exam and conduct all necessary tests to determine possible causes for sleep problems. They can develop a “sleep correction program” specifically for you. Wellspring treatment programs may include neurodiagnostic imaging (if indicated), functional lab analytics, brain-mapping, QEEG, neurotherapy, bioidentical hormones, brain supplements, diet and lifestyle changes. Many people depend on sleep medications for sleep. Unfortunately, these medications usually do not provide the deep “REM” sleep necessary to keep you functioning at peak performance.


Patients often look for alternatives and now there are natural treatments available that provide better quality sleep over extended periods of time. As a result, patients are able to lower dosages of sleep medications and eventually discontinue use.